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Most of you have probably heard of the song "California Girls" by the Beach Boys. It's a great tune, extolling the virtues of women from the west coast of the US of A - all up and down the California coast. However, there's another song that tells the story of the right coast - the coast that Europeans stumbled across and called the "New World" - and particularly the great state of North Carolina - "Carolina Girls" by the Chairmen of the Board.

Without getting into an extended argument over which coast is better, or which state is better, or even which type of barbecue is better (eastern NC, of course!), I can tell you that while North Carolina has a lot to offer the world from the standpoint of jobs, agriculture, technology, and many other areas, it also has a wonderfully hidden natural resource that most folks overlook.

From the seacoast to the mountains bordering Tennessee, North Carolina has some of the most gorgeous women ever to have graced this earth living within it's borders. This is partially a result of immigration to this wonderful state from other states like New York and Pennsylvania, but we do homegrow our own distinc brand of hottie here called the "Southern Belle".

The southeastern region of the US is already known for it's hospitality, and NC is already known for it's natural beauty, from the Outer Banks to the Blue Ridge mountains. This site shows you the rest of the story - the biggest reason of all that people are moving here in droves - the Carolina Girls - the Best in the World!

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